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Frequently Asked Questions 

How is DNA  different than the other education options in my area?


DNA seeks assist students as they pursue their God given destiny by promoting college and career readiness through:


  • Providing individualized learning opportunities to keep students engaged in their learning and focused on success. The opportunities will support the educational needs and interests of individual students in their postsecondary education and career goals while optimizing their pace of learning.

  • Assisting with career and college exploration and counseling for students on postsecondary educational options, including education and training requirements for careers and college success skills.

  • Providing opportunities to earn postsecondary credit while still in high school through college-level coursework, such as dual enrollment with FTCC.

  • Offering career-related experience, such as organized internships, mentorships or other structured work-based learning opportunities.

  • Strategically using learning time in more meaningful ways, to include effective application of technology, redesigning school day and calendars as needed to allow individual students the flexibility necessary to pursue their destiny goals, and competency-based progression.


Why choose a Christian Education School in addition to “church and home” Christian education?


Studies have shown that “more than one out of two Christian young people at public universities discard their faith by graduation.” However, educators who are authentic, genuine, and “real” in their Christian walk and who invite their students to engage in a similar walk, can have lasting impact on their student’s academic, personal, and spiritual development. Therefore, quality, consistent Christian education is of paramount importance! Unfortunately, encouraging and fostering such environments is very difficult in public school settings where teachers may not even be allowed to share their faith-walk much less teach with a Christian-world view. Being involved in a Christian School education environment, where students are given tools and shown how they can stand up for their beliefs, and where students are exposed to other belief systems in an appropriate manner in order to prepare them to defend their faith intelligently, will likely help students stand in the faith through their college career.   


What about Gifted Students?


The combination of Ignitia and Teacher Directed Courses at DNA is inherently suited for the gifted learner. The curriculum presents many opportunities for problem solving and critical thinking. Learning is self-paced, allowing individual students to advance independently of their peers. Also, the Teacher Directed blocks of time allow for in-depth study of topics of choice, to include more detailed academic or career pursuits, art, music, dance and drama education.


Will DNA serve students with special needs?


DNA can provide programs and accommodations for some children with individualized education plans IEPs. We welcome children of diverse backgrounds and various levels of ability that are able to progress in an environment where independence, self-motivation, and freedom with responsibility is the foundation of the academic culture. Students who have pre-established IEP’s (Individualized Education Plan) will have those plans evaluated by DNA’s IEP Team to determine the appropriateness of our program for the student’s specific educational needs. The appropriateness of placement is based upon two main criteria:

  • Children must be able to function within their age group with minor accommodations to the classroom program.

  • Inclusions must not materially alter the mission, vision or philosophy of the program offered.


Does DNA partner with the home school families?


Destiny Now Academy teachers partner with students and parents to ensure quality instruction through its online learning curriculum. Also, the DNA experience includes Christian academic advisors and an academic course plan (high school only) to ensure career path goals are met. In addition, students will be able to participate in various school activities and events to include, an annual graduation ceremony in May.



DNA’s difference of focusing on the God given destiny of each student, instead of the traditional notion of seat time, will assist students gain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully transition them to their chosen college and careers path. If you’re interested in learning more about what we have to offer why not give us a call today? We look forward to speaking with you! 

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