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Summer School

DNA is excited to offer an online summer school! By using Ignitia, we hope to meet the needs of multiple students. We understand that some students want to practice Math or other subjects over the summer to be stronger and better prepared the upcoming academic year. Others may want to take an elective that is not normally offered during the school year. Some students many need to make up credit in order to be on track to graduate. Whatever your reason, DNA’s Summer School with Ignitia may be just what you’re looking for!


DNA offers a flexible schedule to meet your needs. We have course offerings from third to twelfth grades. Read the rest of this pamphlet for more information! If you like what you see, then DNA Summer may be for you!



1) What is your summer schedule like? If you take a year long course, you’re looking at a two to four hour commitment for each day of summer, with weekends and a week for vacation off!


2) Can you and your child attend the orientation meeting?


3) Is this an affordable option for me?


4) Have I read through and agree with the Parent & Student Agreements? (Available at 910-485-7383)



Sign and return the Parent & Student Agreement. Turn this in to DNA office by May 31st. Funds will be due during the orientation meeting unless alternative plans are made by the principal.


Destiny Now Academy  "Summer Crash Blast"

Virtual (On Line) "Crash Classes"

Non Refundable Registration Fee - $85 per student

(Must have student ID and Unofficial Transcript)


  • IGNITIA (On Line)

  • Curriculum Cost: $250 (Must be paid for account to be activated.)

Tuition- Option 1

  • One 6 week Crash Course

  • Non-Refundable $130 weekly (paid weekly each Monday)

Tuition- Option 2

  • One 6 week Crash Course

  • Non-Refundable $650 (Paid in full for the six weeks virtual crash course)

Upon Completion of class, one "Official" Transcript is prepared and forwarded to a school of the student's choosing, and one "Unofficial" Transcript is prepared for the attending student.

A binding Financial Contract must be completed by parent/guardian.

Financial Aid not available for summer classes.

Contact: Principal Kesha D. Thompson


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