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Teaching Methods / 3-12


DNA offers core subjects (Language Arts, Mathematics, History, Science and Bible), plus a variety of electives utilizing an award-winning on-line program. Students enjoy completing their daily schoolwork on the computer while working through a variety of interactive exercises, movies, animations, and audio clips that add to the learning experience. New electives are continually added to the curriculum selection.


We use a variety of teaching methods to explain concepts, provide practical application, and evaluate student performance. Advanced activities include: 











Instant-grading features in the software allow students and parents to receive immediate feedback on academic progress. Assignment due dates and past-due notices help keep students on their individualized learning tracks. Our qualified teachers enhance learning by providing additional guidance, feedback and encouragement while monitoring daily progress.


The curriculum is written on the principle of "mastery learning." This means that students truly master the content and skills of one unit before progressing to the next. Different students learn at different speeds, thus mastery learning ensures success by allowing each student to spend as much time as necessary in one subject area prior to moving on.


Students connect to the Internet to complete and submit their work to the DNA teachers for additional feed-back. Once students submit completed assignments, our teachers grade written paragraph answers, essays and projects in addition to monitoring progress in computer-graded assignments. Teachers may also assign extra work or identify problems for students to rework. Students and parents are able to contact the teachers by phone, e-mail, or the “messaging” feature which is built right into the curriculum.


For accurate placement in the curriculum, academic advisors customize a plan for each learner. By utilizing previous school records, placement test data, parent feedback, and information regarding passion area and career path goals, the academic advisors empower students to begin working on subject units at their learning levels.

• Multiple Choice  

• Intelligent Text Entry

• Graphical Multiple Choice

• True/False

• Matching

• Text Multiple Choice

• Selections

• Sorting

• Paragraph Answers

• Reports

• Essays

• 25,000+ video/animation/sound files

• Drag-and-Drop

• Printed Exercises

• Spelling Quizzes

• Learning Games

• Crossword Puzzles

"Success is in our DNA"



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