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Fast Track

If school is your passion DNA offers an academic program which would allow you to finish High School in three years. This track is especially designed for students who wish to enroll in college earlier and who are not already involved in another athletic or artist training program. For these students their high school program is their passion and thus, they are able to complete graduation requirements in three years.

Students will be enrolled in the Fast Track Academics Program and will complete 24 credit hours to meet graduation requirements. They will be enrolled in four classes per semester for three years and must maintain a 2.5 GPA to continue in the program. Students would be allowed to continue in their fourth year and enroll in additional honors/AP courses.


General Costs for the Fast Track Academics Program


Fast Tracking & Credit Recovery                      $7,295.00

Curriculum and Resource Fee                         $450.00

Technology Fee                                                  $75.00

National Standardized Testing Fee                 $85.00 (Grades 3-12)     $45.00 (Grades K-2)

Student Withdrawal Fee                                   $500.00

Transcripts                                                          $50.00

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