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Home School Partnership

DNA understands that for some families home schooling is the right choice. Home schooling allows wonderful flexibility and options for learning not found in traditional classroom environments. Using DNA’s online program as your home school curriculum you will find an easy-to-follow program, flexibility in course direction and freedom to create your own educational schedule. This parent assisted program allows you to enjoy helping your child through each course offering. Also, the DNA experience includes Christian academic advisors and an academic course plan (high school only) to ensure career path goals are met. Students may also participate in various school activities and events to include, field trips, prom, and an annual graduation ceremony in May.


Another option available for our home school families is DNA Teacher Assisted Program. This program provides a dedicated-teacher interaction when your child needs lessons, quizzes, and tests to be graded. Academy teachers serve as a resource available to ensure quality instruction through our  online learning curriculum.


General Cost for the Home School Program

Parent Assisted Cost of Education (Tuition)            $1,950.00

Curriculum and Resource Fee                                   $450.00 



DNA Teacher Assisted Cost of Education (Tuition) $2,450.00

Curriculum and Resource Fee                                   $450.00

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