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Tuition Rates & Fees

Application Fee: $60.00 per student K - 12 Grade (non-refundable). This non-refundable fee must accompany each student’s application or reapplication to DNA. This fee covers the costs associated with the application process.


Returning Student Fee: $35.00 per student K - 12 Grade (non-refundable). This non-refundable fee must accompany each student’s application or reapplication to DNA.


Technology Fee: $75.00 per student. This fee allows us to ensure updates to software, antivirus, and protection are current.


Standardized Testing K-12: $90.00 Standardized testing is Mandatory for all NCSEAA and Traditional DNA students.

Student Curriculum & Resource Fee: This non-refundable curriculum and resource fee is $455.00 This fee covers multiple school items needed to include Abeka and IGNITIA. This fee must be paid prior to August 5.


K – 12 Tuition (10 months): Total tuition including all fees is $7,205.00 per academic school year. This covers the cost of all classes offered at the Academy. This does not cover off campus P.A.S. classes or fees associated with Fayetteville Technical Community College’s High School Connections. Accounts must be paid in full by August 1st or a payment plan set-up. Billing begins August 15th and will bill monthly for 10 months.


Fast Tracking & Credit recovery:  $7,205 Students will be enrolled in the Fast Track Academics Program and will complete 24 credit hours to meet graduation requirements. They will be enrolled in four classes per semester for three years and must maintain a 2.5 GPA to continue in the program. Students would be allowed to continue in their fourth year and enroll in additional honors/AP courses.


Exceptional Child Tuition: $8,200.00 Destiny Now Academy does not have a legal obligation to provide special education and related services to students with disabilities. However, we are grateful that DNA parents have selected our Instructional Tutor Staff and teachers to establish a unique plan prior to enrollment which meets their child’sspecific educational needs. Space is limited and enrollment for Exceptional Children is based on a case by case basis.


Withdrawal Fee: $500.00 per student; Students are considered enrolled for the entire year; therefore, budgets and teacher contracts are set accordingly. 10% Discount – Church Member/Regularly Contributing Member (Registration Fee Waived and Returning Student Fee Waived)

15% Discount – Each Additional Child*

10% Discount – Active & Retired Military*


Virtual Tuition Fee: $3,605.00


*Discounts do not apply to scholarship students, NCSEAA or any other scholarships. Discounts are for traditional paying students only.


Before Care (6:50am-8:15am) $35.00 Weekly Children are not to be left unattended on school grounds.


After Care (2:45pm-4:00pm) $45.00 Weekly Each child will be provided a snack. Children must be picked up by 5:30 PM otherwise late charges will apply.             $75.00(2:45pm-5:30pm)


Before & After $65.00 Weekly (Sibling Discount Available).


DNA School Club Late Pick-up Fee: $1.00 per Minute (15 minutes minimum) Habitual late pick-ups will be excused from the

DNA After School Program. Cost of Take Out Daily: $8.00


DNA STUDENTS ONLY: Summer Academy / Credit Recovery$250.00 Summer Curriculum Fee


$85 weekly (8 weeks) on campus – Except Fridays

$65 weekly (8 weeks Off Campus)- Except Fridays No Teacher Assistance REGISTRATION FEE $50


Note: Credit Recovery Students from Public School District should see School Principal for Rates for 8 week Crash Course. Incidental Fees: These are billed when applicable.


Extended Care: Please see financial agreement.


Additional Fees


Kinder Graduate Fee: $50.00
Senior Graduation Fee: $125.00

In School Suspension: $75.00
Transcripts $50, $15 for each additional copy. (Please allow one week for processing)

Cumulative Records Transfer: $40.00
Drivers Education: $65.00 (Offered through Cumberland County Schools)


Transportion Services

Drop Off Transport Only $75 (Per Week)

Multi Child Transport $95 (Per Week)

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